Privacy Policy

Options for Success respects the privacy of individuals in all aspects of our business operations. We always protect the personal information of potential candidates when providing services to our clients. All personal information is only collected, used and disclosed by Options for Success in accordance with this privacy policy.

Client and job seeker information is never traded sold or leased by us to any external companies. All information is only disclosed for business purposes in providing our clients with the services they request.

Recruitment and Job Placement & Labour Market and Transition Services

As a client or job seeker using Options for Success services, some of the information we may collect:

  • Resume/cover letter
  • Needs assessment
  • Skill testing results
  • Interview notes
  • Behaviour/Work Style Indicators
  • Educational Transcripts
  • Reference letters
  • Information obtained from reference and background checks

Options for Success will use this information to assess and understand your skills and experience and ascertain your career requirements or to determine if there is a “fit” when recruiting for our corporate clients.

Personal information is only retained for the duration of the service we are providing and is determined by the duration of the contract/agreement with you. Resumes and other items that contain personal information are destroyed after a period of three months unless otherwise requested by the job seeker or the agreement in place.

We have company procedures and guidelines in place to ensure that all personal information is secure and all staff have been trained to respect our client confidentiality policy.

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