Our Team


ECTEddie Calisto-Tavares      As President  & Performance Management Consultant, Eddie leads with vision and passion. Her expertise in  coaching and performance management, leadership and team  development has resulted in positive outcomes for organizations within a  variety of sectors. Eddie’s inspirational story of personal struggles has lent  her to be a prominent role model for immigrants, women and small business  owners.
GilbertGilbert Tavares     A steadfast supporter and role model for immigrants, Gilbert’s story began many years ago upon arrival to Canada. It was as a young teen that he became immersed in the manufacturing industry. His superior work ethic is second only to his people ethic. Gilbert embodies the principle of life-long learning as demonstrated by his return to school after 27 years. It is this determination and resilience that he shares with learners in the career and  transition services.
Kristle-6760-(Final)Kristle Calisto-Tavares    As Instructional Designer for Options for Success, Kristle brings with her extensive education and diverse experience in training and development. Through her social-purpose business, KristleCT, and collaborations with Options for Success, Kristle has developed a reputation for incredible stamina, resourcefulness and impact in the field of social innovation. She is a skilled facilitator and coach creating and delivering programs that leverage the creative talents and entrepreneurial skills of this new generation of youth.
Linda MaxwellLinda Maxwell  CACE, ESL-TCP, TESOL, CAM                      President Keystone Adult Education Services Inc. For over 20 years, Linda has been a trainer, EAL teacher and tutor, program coordinator, citizenship volunteer, facilitator, and researcher/curriculum developer. Linda has been involved in a variety of professional, trades and technical programs,
Shadoe and SkyeSkye & Shadoe     Skye and Shadoe share a critical role in the company as our Directors of Employee Morale. Our adorable canine friends made a wonderful contribution to the Options for Success work environment by creating the necessary outlets to quiet our minds and live every moment. Their very presence ensures that members of our team are happily productive all day long.