Our Values

Options for Success has established a reputation for innovation over 19 successful years in business. It is important to us and our clients that we ‘walk the talk’. We have made a genuine commitment to evolve our company toward one that is truly sustainable. The values below outline how we operate our business and the principles we strive toward.


Contribute positively to the social fabric of our communities

We desire to be a force for good in the world. The contribution we make to our local and global communities is measured by the equity and ethics of our labour practices and purchasing decisions, and, the impact of our community leadership and social investments.   

 Share knowledge and facilitate learning

This means that we invest in ourselves and others in order to cultivate opportunities for professional and leadership development. We offer our expertise and facilitate knowledge exchange for the benefit of our clients.

Generate meaningful opportunities to support the economy

We seek to be a self-reliant business and earn a living wage commensurate with our expertise and skill. Our economic success is measured by revenues, operating efficiencies, return on investments, and, job creation and skill development.

Promote and celebrate inclusive workplace

As thought leaders in our field, we work to create a model work environment that meets a high standard of Cultural Intelligence (CI) and recognizes the extraordinary value of diversity. 

Options for Success Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.