Career Coaching & Transition

Today members of the labour force in Canada are facing a new reality of becoming displaced due to restructuring, downsizing, and early retirement from certain industries. Many of these individuals are facing a changing “world of work” and lack the confidence and hard skills needed to cope in the new job market. Barriers such as the fear of technology or limited language skills pose great challenges for workers to re-integrate into the existing workforce. Many are facing financial difficulties and working is not a luxury, but a necessity. As the labour market continues to change and become more competitive, labourers who lack knowledge of job search techniques, marketing tools, and the importance of professional resumes, will need to build skills in these areas in order to transition in the “new world of work”.

Our Career Coaching and Transition program assists displaced workers return to employment by offering them individualized employment services. These individuals will benefit from one-on-one coaching, a personal action plan, and direct promotion to potential employers.

Journey with us to…
  • Increase confidence and be better equipped to deal with today’s job market
  • Discover the opportunities that exist for further training and support during transition
  • Shape your reality through a new career, gainful employment, and or self employment

These outcomes combined provide individuals with a path where they can create a new reality and build on their existing skills and experience to become lifelong learners and develop increased adaptability skills.

Furthermore, we can provide your company with the support necessary to ensure the survivors are dealing with the internal changes; by ensuring positive communication channels are in place and on-going feedback is provided.

We have worked with many companies and assisted a variety of individuals in the next stage of their careers. Some of these include: Aveos/Air Canada, Maple Leaf Foods, Motor Coach, Eaton’s, Nygard International, Red River Packaging and Kraft Canada.