Options for Success  was established in January 1999. Eddie Calisto-Tavares, President and Performance Management Consultant, in collaboration with members of her team gave birth to the concept of consulting and coaching in the new economy.

After a successful career of ten years in senior management roles, Eddie faced what many others had faced throughout the 1990s: downsizing, restructuring and re-creating a career. Eddie’s entrepreneurial spirit and abilities turned this adversity into an opportunity. Her passion for bringing out the best in people and coaching them to achieve their full potential was a natural starting point on the path to creating Options for Success.

Options for Success is a way of life. It is about continuous learning and constant improvement driven by the desire to succeed.


To inspire our clients to fully engage in learning, growing and achieving success.


To provide our clients with the ‘road map’ and the tools to enable them to discover and achieve excellence in their lives.


The Options for Success team shares their entrepreneurial spirit, passion, various expertise and experience by:

  • Applying a holistic approach
  • Communicating openly with all stakeholders
  • Developing innovative solutions to learning and growing
  • Customizing service delivery to our clients’ needs
  • Creating synergy in our relationships