Potential Employees


photo 4 LindsayLindsay Goodmanson , OPUS Participant   Responsible, flexible and trustworthy. Lindsay has experience in working in retail and office environments. She enjoys organizing, budgeting and working within systems and procedures. Lindsay works hard to complete assigned tasks. She has enhanced her Essential skills in document use, reading, writing and digital literacy. She completed an internship at UFCW Local 832 as a File Clerk.
photo 2 SheldenShelden Hayden, OPUS Participant An enthusiastic, outgoing and courteous individual who is well liked by peers. Sheldon’s has experience working in retail and construction.  He possesses strong Essential Skills in reading, document use, computer literacy, and working with others. He has strong work ethic and a kind and helpful manner. Employed at the Bay Polo Park as an Associate.
photo 1 BreanneBreanne Cure, OPUS Participant   Cheerful, helpful and a good listener. Breanne has strong computer literacy skills, and has completed note taking for team exercises, and data entry. She has experience working in fast food restaurants as server/cashier. She is always willing to take on tasks and gets the job done. Breanne wants to bring her good work habits and apply herself to work as a Kitchen Helper and or as a Data Entry Clerk.
photo 5 NickNicholas Kruk, OPUS Participant   Creative, spontaneous and a “whiz” with computers and multi-media. Nicholas has a great capacity for multi-tasking and taking on challenging tasks. Quick learner with the ability to share his knowledge with others, and supporting with learning. Nicholas has experience working in retail and enjoys interacting with people, and helping them solve problems. He enjoys solving puzzles and playing games.
photo 3 AnthonyAnthony LaQuette, OPUS Participant  Friendly, considerate individual with loves sharing new gained knowledge with others. He has demonstrated good Essential Skills in document use, writing, computer literacy and working with others.  He takes initiative and completes all assigned tasks with a positive attitude. Anthony’s goals are to get a job working with people in a family friendly coffee shop or grocery store.
photo (4) ShantelleShantelle Lawson, OPUS Participant   Pleasant, curious and determined individual. Shantelle has developed strategies to recall information and takes great pride in completing her assignments. She has experience working in restaurant busing, and as a kitchen helper. Shantelle has a Food Handling Certificate. Internship at the Canadian Human Rights Museum as a Coat Check  Attendant / Ambassador.
photo (2)AOKEzak Gonit, OPUS Participant    Determined, trustworthy, observant individual who is ready to work as warehouse worker. Ezak has a valid Driver Licenses with clear abstract. He has achieved his Forklift Training Certificate. Ezak has strong Essential Skills in document use, reading and working with others. He is physically fit and able to carry out repetitive tasks. He is working as a forklift operator at Krown Produce.
photo 2 EDGAREdgar Garcia, OPUS Participant  Responsible, flexible and sincere. Edgar is technical savvy and his goal is to pursue a career in security and safety. He enjoys learning and working with people. Edgar has demonstrated excellent Essential Skills in reading, writing, document use and numeracy. He completes assigned tasks in a fast and efficient way. Edgar was accepted to the Downtown Biz Cadet program as a volunteer, where he will learn customer service and safety.
RYAN PICRyan Schipper, OPUS Participant  Curious, determined and observant. Ryan is a practical learner who uses humour to make other feel at ease. He is physically fit and able to carry out repetitive tasks. He wants to work in an environment that will provide him with a sense of belonging. His goal is to secure a position working in warehouse, where he can gain valuable experience and make a positive contribution.